1. Who are eligible for ONLINE EXAM?
    A) Those who have completed the course online through http://vos.nios.ac.in and has been approved by Course Coordinator about the completion of the course are eligible to apply online.
  2. How do I apply for ONLINE EXAM?
    A) Submit your Enrollment number and system checks for validity and finally you aplly for ONLINE EXAM.
  3. What is the FEE for ONLINE EXAM?
    A) The FEE for ONLINE EXAM is Rs.100
  4. How do I know the exam date and slot?
    A) Once you aplly for ONLINE EXAM...VOS Exam admin approves your form and allot slot,date and time of exam.You will receive mail about the same.
  5. Where can I get the Hall Ticket?
    A) You can download the Hall Ticket with the credentials provided to you in the mail at http://vos.nios.ac.in/vosexam
  6. Can I check the result after completion of ONLINE EXAM?
    A) YES.You can check the result of ONLINE EXAM after submitting the exam.